Three Star Revival was founded by frontman Ben Gaines in 2015. Gaines’ singular gifts as a vocalist and songwriter had already earned him a local following in Knoxville, but things really took off when he met his collaborative partner Cameron Moore. Moore is a veritable guitar prodigy, and a Memphis native who was raised on classic Stax records, and the blues and jazz scene still vibrant in his hometown. After jamming for a few sessions on some more folky and country tunes, Gaines and Moore began to rapidly expand their musical horizons, going electric and incorporating sounds from across the Americana landscape and beyond with forays into funk, soul, r &b, and jazz. Initially playing with a rotating cast of Knoxville musicians, Gaines and Moore solidified their touring lineup with keys player Gregory Walton, bassist Tyler Reddick, and drummer Bo Kitzman. The quintet sprang forth from east Tennessee with an exhilarating live show amplifying Gaines’ powerful songs with mind-blowing musicianship from all five members. Three Star Revival has rapidly grown to selling out shows across Tennessee and the southeast, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Portugal. The Man, Royal Bangs, and Moon Taxi, and have only just begun to spread their wings across these United States.


“There’s a certain dreaminess woven throughout […] and when Gaines and his bandmates lock in on one another, the songs reach an anthemic crescendo with the urgency of a man driving hellbent for leather to get to his lover’s side before she boards the plane that will carry her across the country.” – Steve Wildsmith, The Daily Times


Photographer: Andy Vinson

Musicians from back left to right: Cameron Moore, Gregory Walton, Ben Gaines, Bo Kitzman, Tyler Reddick

Location: "The Old City" in Knoxville, TN